Tuesday, July 14, 2009

eldra's "year of cookies," june '09

Trinity Lutheran Elementary School (West Chicago) held a bowling and silent auction fundraiser in mid-May. i agreed to add "a year of cookies" to the auction: 1 dozen cookies, 3 shapes per dozen, every month for a year. that's 144 cookies! [i shyed at naming a value--what makes a cookie a $12 cookie anyway? but someone out there charges it. i gave a low "retail price," considering most sites like these charge around $3. that's quite a bit for what, i think, are usually pretty ordinary.] and the winner of the auction? eldra!
the theme for june was 'june bugs.' the strawberry is such a happy little shape, i had to use it. but i wanted to challenge myself, not make my easy favorites, so i added painted bugs. an interesting thing, painting food. i wonder what else i can paint...

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