Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"test tiles"

sprinkle orange sugar on pink icing, and you get a peachy color. sprinkle it on red, and its like fall leaves. sprinkle green on green and it's emeraldy, but sprinkle yellow on green and it hints at an obnoxious chartreuse. i used graham crackers to test my colors. favorite results include teal, lavendar, and sky blue.
who doesn't like rainbow dots?
the color experiment started with the bright idea to decorate graham crackers like little paintings. i could do greeting cards! the last supper! alas, the nature of graham crackers is absorbant and crumbly, and can't stand up to a layer of icing, unless it's purely for decoration. the rainbow in the slideshow was the sole survivor of the evening. the rest were soft, the colors bled... i'll stick with my sugar cookies, but for practice, poping open a box of crackers beats mixing, rolling, cutting and baking another batch.
any freestyle images you'd like to see on a cookie? i'm on the hunt for a large square or rectangle as a canvas.

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