Wednesday, July 22, 2009

'cause that's how i roll...

i've been doing stars since i was very little. they're the easiest. icing, sugar, done. to do hundreds of them is, really, to learn about color mixing and having a steady hand. when i do stars, they're uniform, bright, simple and lovely, just like if i've been doing them for 30 years. many of the designs you're seeing now are first attempts. while the sea horse to your left is pretty darn cute, be assured that my next batch of sea horses will be an upgrade. same with all my designs. i'll try to post my latest and best work for each shape.
some other noteables--if you need party favors, i can individually [cellophane] bag the cookies and tie with ribbon. otherwise if i'm delivering them, they'll be on a plastic plate which you can keep, with the whole plate-and-cookie-pile wrapped in cellophane, gathered at the top, and tied with ribbon. if i'm invited to the party, i'll put them on a glass plate, but i'll take the plate home. :)
i have no interest in doing "cookie pops" or bouquets.
lastly, i can't do licensed characters for 3 reasons. 1, i dont have licensed-character cookie cutters. 2, if i did, or if i could fake the designs, i'd technically be making money with someone else's intellectual property. 3, i consider someone else's characters to be someone else's art. to make a tinkerbell cookie is, for me, to just be the last step in disney's cookie business. i enjoy making my own pictures. an exception to this is if the character is ubiquitous/ generic/ public domain. everybody can recognize dracula, the froggy prince, santa, little bo peep, etc, without it being specific to a copyrighted image. so if you're having a sesame street party, i can't give you big bird, but i can do a rainbow of ABC's; hanna montana can have pink stars; batman can have a flock of multi-sized bats--you get the idea. there's a cookie for every party.

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