Thursday, July 16, 2009

cookies that speak for themselves

i remember my niece taylor helping with cookies at 3. she'd pick the shape (christmas tree) then the color icing (yellow). we'd get her set up with the icing because that butter knife is tricky, then she'd put on her own decorations (11 hot red cinnamon candies). her daddy loved them.

i made 10s for taylor's 10th birthday this summer. dark and light pink, and white with heavily and lightly sprinkled rainbow sugar. strangly enough, all the dark pink cookies went first. i guess they looked the tastiest.

cool thing about cookie text is the letters or digits sticking together. i could make any age, name, even a sign if i could keep it intact. i did X's and O's for valentine's day once. i could do people names, company names, a group of words like bang, zoom, pow in super hero colors. someone could order "(name) will you marry me?" in cookies. awwww...

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