Monday, July 6, 2009

i am an elf

"kinds of people in the world? Those who want to own the toys, and those who long to make them." ~ allan gurganus, plays well with others

i smiled when i read that.

but this little elf has to find the usb cable for the camera or you'll never see anything new. stop back in soon!



  1. Wow girl, you've got mega cookie talent! I'd hire you for Morrigan's birthday parties every year! :D How did you get started? You've obviously been doing this awhile, based on the complexicity of your cookies, and the variety and number of cutters you've got.

  2. mom made cookies every christmas. when i was old enough to wield a butter knife, she let me help. one summer day i was bored and thought, why only christmas? so i borrowed some of her cutters, bought a few extra, made a huge pile of cookies, and have been a cookie nerd ever since. :)