Sunday, October 30, 2016

I, cookie elf

Sometimes I'm asked "How's the cookie business?" and I inevitably throw in the reminder that it's only a hobby, and that technically, I shouldn't be selling food out of my home kitchen at all.
But really, my orders are modestly sized and well spaced, so it's not like I have a full scale operation.  I follow all health department guidelines, and I'm under the line for declaring taxes. The business dynamic is more like you guys are just cool distant friends spotting me for gas and supplies because I was cool and made some cookies for your mom's birthday, or some other neighborly scenario. You get cookies, I run some errands on the way home. Meanwhile, this blog/portfolio grows.
But people ask, so here's a look at a few tools of my trade.  Pictures included here are: my wee hobbit stove.  For scale, that plate is 12 inches wide. My cookie sheets slide in deepways, not lenthways, so everything is baked one sheet at a time.
Also my drawer of sprinkles, which is 2 layers deep, and doesn't include a small bin of sanding sugar tubs and all my food coloring.  And all my several hundred cookie cutters, and the 3 drawers all this fits in.  All that, a toolbox of tools, a briefcase of stencils, and an 8 foot kitchen island counter, is my cookie empire, and the magic factory where I can actually still make a wedding's worth of cookies.
Imagine me in a commercial size kitchen. I could make cookies for one of Oprah's parties, or the inaugural ball. Now imagine me back in my tiny kitchen, taking your 2 dozen cookie order just as seriously.
[Spock eyebrow]
Because I do.
More magic is on the way, stay tuned!

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