Friday, October 28, 2016

Summer of my discontent

So about that stupid summer I previously mentioned:
Just when my bill filled life was getting a little easier, I took on a new morning baker position. Even better. Then hubby quit his job. Not better. Then they asked me to work afternoons. Shrug. Then hubby got a job, but his training hours interfered with mine, so better, then worse again. When everything was back to normal, they didn't need me in the morning, and I couldn't do afternoons. So it goes.
While I was there, I made foxes for the "Fox Trot" race day, squares of beach sand for summer, and apples for the farmers market, though I seem not to have that picure.
I'm currently in foodless seasonal retail, but don't be shy about dropping my name in foodie circles. And don't be shy about getting me to bake you cookies--once the gas got turned back on, it was like riding a bike. Yep that kind of summer ;)
I've since been baking, but not posting, bear with me. On the way are sweaters, baptism crosses, cancer fighting dresses and lots of Halloween. Till then, have a swell weekend!

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