Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Brittany got married!

Niece Brittany and her Scotty got married in May, (Jeez Katie, where ya been? Having a summer that made me want to punch a kitten, but back to cookies) and since no one in my family is allowed to have a joyful life event without my cookies (like it even takes any arm twisting tho) i made her some lovely wedding favors.
Her decor was reminiscent of a lady's vanity table--flowers, feminine fabrics, a sprinkling of sparkles and gems like casually placed jewelry, gem studded picture frames with the couple in cute moments.
All that was missing was a make-up compact.  I tried making the cookies look something like that, and a bit like a miniature throw pillow, or the lid to a porcelain candy dish. Or the hardcover of an old romance novel. Or a box of chocolate. The back of a hand mirror... So many ideas.
The final product was tone-on-tone pink or green airbrushed stencils, with a brush of pearl dust, and either a fleur-de-lis, a monogram, or a tiny ensemble of pearl dragees and molded fondant flowers and gems. I even managed to match the pink and green really really close to the bridesmaid dresses.
But even lovelier was the bride... Wedding day highlights included veil vs wind humor, footage of my kiddo line dancing, and mother-of-bride Libby tearing up during the father daughter dance with Brit and step (up) dad, my brother John. It was a really sweet day; kisses and well wishes for you two!
Upcoming: i did make cookies this summer (and punched no actual kittens, nor would i, c'mon) and i'll get 'em posted in between my chores this week, as my "adulting" is finally getting some traction (saving all those poor kittens from my frustration) so hang tight, cookies are coming, have a fabulous week!

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