Saturday, May 27, 2017

Variations on a theme ...dotdotdot...

My bloggin' is back-loggin' again, and i had to take half the still-unposted pics off my phone for storage reasons. Well, i always wanted to spend a summer writing, so lets get started!
These 2 projects had a similar theme, and 2 delightfully different outcomes. Circles (or rings) and flowers, and names, but one was dainty for a baby Olive's baptism, and the other was romantic for Anna's engagement party. Both had that "Millenial Pink." (Did Gen-x have a signature color? 'Grunge Gray'?)
These cookies were also good examples of using 2 main colors and alternating them between a few shapes. You get a wider variety without doubling the work time.
And they both used dots. Love dots... dotdotdot...
Thanks again Abigail and Anne, and stay tuned every body, more is on the way!

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