Friday, September 21, 2012

thinking big

i also had some repeat orders.  Donna wanted purses just like these, and Lisa wanted hummingbirds just like these.  it's cool that people want encores.  not cool is when my cookies break en route.  long story short, the hummingbirds were ill-fated, and i'll be looking into other, better, shipping options.

and rather than dwell on that, let me redirect your attention to the tiny oven where all my magic starts.  my wee little oven is 20 inches wide.  for perspective, that plate with the flowers is a foot wide.  about as much drawer space in my dining room is devoted to all (700ish?) cutters and all the decorations.  it's true, you don't need a big fancy show-kitchen to make big fancy cookies.  just the skills to bake slow and pack tightly... and a long counter for decorating helps, and a patient family who knows not to bug me when i'm working. :)  i daydream about the future when i'll be working in some huge hip place with big orders to fill, and i'll remember my little junior oven, in my little Hobbit shire townhouse, digging through zip-lock bags of cookie cutters while the kiddo watches Tom and Jerry.  ah, the good old days.
and speaking of cartoons, i've mentioned that i base a lot of my artistic methods on cartoons.  i recently watched an old "documentary" about Bugs Bunny and was floored by one small part: the animators drew the pictures as rough drawings, but sent them to be copied onto celluloid frames by the "ink and paint" department. i always thought they drew them from beginning to end, but they don't.  the final images were painted... by a room full of women.  over and over, they'd outline and fill, let them dry, and send them down the hall to be photographed.  and because so much of the golden age of animation was also the great depression, most of those celluloid frames were washed off and reused.  i was like "i make ephemeral cartoon art too!!" after the moment of awesome from eating the cookie, all you have is the picture you took of it.  well.  i feel honored to have illustrated your happy moment.  keep 'em coming, my lil' oven and i are ready.  have a great weekend! (waving)

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