Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"shiver me cookies!"

it's talk like a pirate day and i actually have pirate cookies to show you! Karina works with the Hubs and was attending 2 birthday parties, and one was pirate themed.  the parrot is actually an eagle with the beak nudged down a little before baking.  across the top is a crown with the 2 inner points pinched together.  that leaves a mini-bell shaped space right where his ear goes.  and when they all bake together, it makes a little boy with a bird on his shoulder.  the skull and crossbones were prepiped so i could draw the little boney details in edible marker.  awesome.  i mean, "yar, they be awesome."     (high 5!)

the other party was Mickey Mouse themed, and since i don't prefer to do licensed characters, and don't have a Mickey cookie cutter anyway, i offered Mousketeer hats made easily with a large circle cut in half, then 2 smaller circles perched on top.  tada! 
i've always liked doing something besides the character him/herself.  like, if ever i do a Snow White party, i'll bring red apples.  Harry Potter would get white owls.  the cake is usually the showpiece, i bring the little birds and flowers for the background.  it's like... accessorizing!
much thanks to Karina! and happy birthdays to my new little cookie fans.  more on the way, and i just finished more baptism crosses and new-baby birdies. making neat stuff for kids is seriously activating my polar elf genes.  are my freckles sparkling?

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