Friday, October 5, 2012

how i spent my summer vacation

hubby’s coworker, also a Jeff, invited us to a July 4th cookout, but unbeknownst to us he had an evening shift.  my Jeff and i and the kiddo spent the afternoon at Cantigny and, come party time, we called to find out they were wrapping up.  just my luck to miss a party. so on the 5th, i sent these stars to work with Jeff (and reserved the chocolate chip cookies for my unbirthday celebration, ie, eating cookies while watching tv), and later Jeff (the other Jeff) said his family members cleared him out of his take of the star cookies that night.
fate stepped in to earn Jeff some extra cookies when i stopped at Starbucks for a little wi-fi time.  except hubby drove us with the lights on, and didn’t know i was getting out of the car too.  he got out first, and i reached for the keys and the laptop.  yeah, i left the lights on--when i had to go home, the car was dead. and everyone behind the counter was way busy because i was leaving at rush hour.  so Jeff called Jeff, who lives close, and our sorry little car got a jump because Jeff is a cool dude.  so i made him some cars.   he shared with his grandson who asked, “can i eat the tires too?” thanks Jeff!
Coming up, a shower, a 2-in-1 birthday, a wedding, a baptism, some birdies, and ninja clown assassins (ya know, for Halloween).  

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