Friday, March 9, 2012

bags o' cookies

the year's first project went to Wendy, who wanted to send gifts to two ladies on her Thirty-One team, and wondered if i could make purses that mimicked their product.  believe it or not, in my 565-or-so cookie cutters, i still have no purses.  but my shorter tombstone makes a great tote, and the candy corn makes a great shoulder bag.  and it just so happens, Thirty-One has such bags (win!) then after perusing the catalog, i picked pink-on-pink concentric dot pattern, and black on gray flower line design, which i did with flood dots, and edible marker, respectively.  and while the real purses probably zip, i couldn't leave out a little silver dragee "clip."  i made a dozen of each, and a dozen circles in each pattern, and divided them equally between the 2 recipients.  Wendy said she loved them, and that they were exactly what she wanted.  i'm glad--i like the tote, and i'm betting i'll be making more...
i see so many excellent patterns on fabrics and wrapping paper.  i think this spring i'll bust out the totally-70's flowered wrapping paper my grandmother saved.  or my vintage Vera scarves... (...*daydreaming*...)  in the meantime, thank you Wendy! and stay tuned for a bunch more, as i catch up on my backlog of pictures--i'm anticipating a full spring. :)

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