Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the last of winter...

sometime after the tattoo cookies, when winter was getting monotonously dark and dismal, i made flood dots, dragged a few with a toothpick, and outlined them with edible markers to make some flowers. the purple edge got a brush of dry pearl dust.
they were pretty and cheered me up. then i had hubby Jeff take them to work to pass the cheer along.
i added simplified versions of these flowers to the Valentine's Day mini hearts i did, but i'd like to do a big cookie with a big tacky-wallpaper-like flourish of blossoms. in crazy hippie colors. all summer long.
i haven't made cookies since last month's lizards, which i still have to post.  don't worry, i intend to be enormously busy with cookies this summer. and if you can think of a few challenges for me, drop me a line. till then, stick around for April Fools/birthday cookies, baby cookies, retirement cookies, probably a ton more flowers, and in the very near future, i'm going to give a cake a try. ("gasp! but katie, you don't do cake!"  "true, but i do do awesome.  and i just said 'doodoo'...")

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