Wednesday, April 25, 2012

leapin' lizards!

if you've been tuning in, my 6 year old Dell blew a fuse, or whatever they do, so i'm blogging from loaned computers, and checking email on a reader with Starbucks wifi.  this would be a non-issue if i were still employed, but the temp job ended and i'm thrown back to the huddled masses and job hunting, and the dreaded tightened budget. le sigh. if anyone out there wants to pre-order for year-round projects, (or is hiring!) please email me. 
meanwhile, here are the "leapin' lizards" i brought to the office on Leap Day.  the "scale" effect was brown airbrushed over a piece of lace (the same lace from the witchy dresses last fall) i thought these little guys were kind of sloppy--crossed eyes, undefined toes, less-than-sharp airbrushing--but everyone's inner kid was mesmerized anyway, pausing because "they're too cute to eat" then eating them anyway.  :)
still on the way are groovy flowers, flying ladies, more purses, a 60th birthday, and a pot of dirt. (you'll see...) also on the way: i intend, at least once, to hold a bake sale for Share Our Strength this summer, with a goal of $3k.  i have math to support this, as long as i can round up 23 like-minded people. doing anything in June?

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  1. I love the effect of the airbrush over lace. So creative!