Thursday, March 8, 2012

...and a happy new year!

hooray, i now have all 2011 pictures posted.  :)   funny that these are clocks, and they're sooo late. sorry about that, but my computer is way old--rather than install the camera's program (proverbial straw on proverbial camel's back) all my photo unloading happens at my in-laws house.  and now my computer crashed, so i'm doing this on my lunch break.  i'll have it together someday.  meanwhile, lets talk about cookies...
in the dead of winter the air is dry, and my icing can whip up pretty stiff, so i have to thin it with water. (the opposite is true in August, when humidity mandates more powdered sugar) the slightly blobby lines are a result of slightly runny icing.  i maintain that my icing with egg whites is positively luxuriously perfect every time, but sometimes meringue powder needs a barometer.  but i brought these to the office for New Year's Eve and everyone adored them. (i'm my own worst critic. or the worse ones are polite and say nothing!) 
individual numbers were joined to a plain circle and baked together. the blue was for no reason, except it's my favorite.  i added a brushing of dry pearl dust because the holiday needs something shiny.  the clock face was edible marker and a single silver dragee. you might not be able to tell from the picture, but all the clocks were at 5 minutes to midnight. swell fact about this century-- i can make a version of this cookie every year. :)
and there's more on the way! purses are next, and cows, and lizards...  and if you want to buy me a new computer, i'll gladly make you a couple hundred cookies....

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  1. Very cute. Love the clock idea for the New Year count down!