Monday, July 5, 2010

Eldra's year of cookies.

a year ago last month, i offered my cookie services to a silent auction for Trinity Lutheran. the winner was Eldra, who received a dozen cookies every month for a year. May was her last month, and i asked if she had any requests, after a year of cookies of my choosing. she said, "can you make frogs? my son just loves that 'frog prince' movie."
i smiled and said, "oh yeah, i can make frogs." and made a dozen of these:

i LOVE these. i've wanted to do the froggy prince for well over a year. ask the hubby, i was doing little happy dances as these came together. much thanks to Eldra for putting me to work, every month was a blast. plus it was incentive for starting this here lil blog.
~coming soon: a baby shower, an engagement party, 2 thank yous, a birthday, and a trip to a pond.

1 comment:

  1. Lucky Eldra for winning your cookies every month for a year. What a great silent auction prize! Finishing the year off with these froggie prince cookies was the *icing on the cookie*. So cute.