Sunday, July 11, 2010

baby Ivy's shower

Kate is having a baby girl! rubber duckies were requested, with "baby Ivy" piped in. i added the bubbles. the whole time i was decorating them i was singing Earnie's 'rubber ducky you're the one.'
shipping them to WA was an experience--the p.o. says "if it fits, it ships" but the express box they give you is better suited to ship something shaped like a laptop. 8 of the 36 little guys didn't make it. the ones that did, i'm told, were a hit. (Katie and Kate share an interstate high 5!) now go have that baby, lady! and send pictures!


  1. The broken cookies still got eaten -- they were delicious -- and they were also a huge hit at the shower. I also received them very fast, considering the 1000 + journey they endured. Kudos to you, Katie! -- Kate

  2. Sweet baby cookie, great idea to add the bubbles. Too bad some didn't make it safely to their destination. Always taking a chance when you ship unfortunately.