Thursday, July 8, 2010

little cookies, big thanks

i've been unemployed and seeking a job more cookie-related and less spreadsheet-related. i came upon a chocolate shop where, i learned, an independant vendor sold her cookies. so i took a business card and emailed Julie, the manager, a few questions adding that if she were to answer, i'd happily bake her cookies.
turns out that having a business license, renting retail kitchen space, etc, is what it takes to be such a vendor, and is more than i have time or cash to start up. this sounds like a setback, but it was actually very reassuring--a whole catagory of my employment quest could be crossed off, leaving me that much more able to focus on my other opportunities.
so, super-pleased to be on my way again, i baked her these:

i delivered them, and she seemed surprised that i bothered, but happy too--who doesn't like hand-delivered cookies?

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