Monday, February 18, 2013

dedicated, imaginative, observant, pleasant, *ready*

mostly i use facebook for my regular self, but i have a "katie at cookie daydream" page too.  i mostly use the cookie page to post a link to new blog posts, but i sometimes add some observations and truths about my aspirations as a cookie illustrator.  in case you don't follow me on facebook, here's what i've been saying:
1. if you're within a reasonable distance from Elgin and like helping kids, i'm always interested in helping with bake sales.
2. if any of you news-y blog-y folks out there want to write about an unfamous/aspiring cookie illustrator, i'd bake you something special to inspire you.
3. for hire: cookie illustrator/writer with sanitation cert and BA in fiction writing seeks baking or office job. previous experience includes all these [link to here] and a major news service. 5 descriptive words: dedicated, imaginative, observant, pleasant, *ready*
4. have you received my resume, employment application, or friendly letter of employment inquiry? 'cause i'm golly gosh darn-tootin' serious about it. no ditzy hair twirling here, i need me an awesome job. with you. (big professional grin)
--fear not that i would be distracted by my 2-order-a-month hobby, or that i'd want to turn your restaurant into my bakery. i will be dedicated to your recipes and customers.  
so there's all that.   if you're hiring, if you know a guy/gal, if you know some awesome thing i could do with this, by all means, email me.   i've included the camels because of all my pictures, this was the most popular.  just when you might think no one cares about cookies, suddenly camel cookies are all the rage.  delicious buttery food for thought.

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