Friday, February 22, 2013

29, for the 11th time...

S-I-L Heather turned 40.  her hubby Dan was awesome enough to hack into her email and invite just about everyone for a surprise party.  and of course, i insisted on marking the day with morbid over-the-hill cookies.
they start out nice enough, with pink icing and treble clefs in honor of Heather's work in the church choir, Voices to Go, and the Elmhurst community band, drawn with my mid-60's cartoon motif stylized scribble, then looming over the cake is mr grim reaper, with grey hood and scythe.  mwa-hahaha.
but no one thinks of Heather as old, that's why at lunch the next day, i corrected her siblings' teasing and told the waiter, "no, she's 29 again."  happy birthday Heather!  here's to another 40.  or 29. :)
coming soon, the Daytona 500.  and some teapots maybe?

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