Sunday, February 24, 2013

Daydream 500

James [he does art stuff here] dropped me a line and asked for some race cars for the Daytona 500.  ok, i said, then bit my nails a little wondering how one would do all those stickers.  i mean, it's really not a modern American stock car without sponsors covering up the paint job.  i went with royal icing spread very thin and dried until it was like a stiff fruit-roll-up.  edible markers made my little nonsense companies, "E-Co" and "Jeff-Co" and "LJ" for Lisa and James, plus some letters, little graphics, and my own initials. then i just cut them out with scissors and dropped them into the wet icing.  i wanted them more flush, but once i had the "99" airbrushed [they're Carl Edwards fans] and dusted them with pearl dust, they turned out alright.  i even baked a spoiler onto the back of them.  [i call spoilers "car mullets."  ha.]
i have to include a paragraph about Viking Thrift and Artwork where we did the cookie drop off.  Elgin is horrible with their signage codes, so you have to look for their mint-green dock doors, but once inside you'll have a good idea about what the inside of my head looks like--hip vintagy things, arts and crafts, eclectic housewares... James has some art there, and it's run by cool people, and i was totally agreeable when it was suggested that i make cookies for future events.  i wanna hang out there and read/nap on their many gorgeous couches.
thank you James and Lisa for your order! coming up, i may be doing a story book theme.  still scratching my chin, so check back. 

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