Friday, October 19, 2012

spoiler alert, more cookies

 so these are the last 2 in the file, then i have to get more off the camera, and boy-howdy will i be busy this fall, so visit often.  if you're not wowed, you can at least laugh and point. :)
i had a busy week by the time i had a breather to make cookies for a trip to mom's house for a birthday dinner, so i made bananas.  why? i thought of a greeting card i have somewhere in a drawer--a dancing banana peel on the front and inside, "just a little card to cheer you up or **** you off."  it seemed so simple and silly that it fit my allotted time and intended grin.  they're just a moon shape with a little pinch at the ends, then brown sanding sugar over yellow, and 2 quick lines with brown edible marker when dry.
and these were a pin-wheel-star experiment.  i wondered what different lines would look like radiating, and got a kinda snowflake, and kinda flower.  i heard no complaints.  the bigger hits were the little musical note/guitars for rock star Grace, and baseballs and bats for sports star Andrew, detailed with edible markers.  i just love coloring on food.
also it's bake sale season! email me if you think it needs a cookie daydreamer or her wares.  till then... (waving)

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