Saturday, July 14, 2012

a little off-course....

in my networks and follows and forums and likes i came across Lila Loa's contest to turn a gift shape into something that isn't a present.  you can view the entries and winners here.
and finally, belatedly, here is my little creation.  i turned mine upside-down, added a little half circle, made a lovely scene that would have delighted you all... then my computer blew up.  so i didn't get to enter the contest.

so there's that.

i have tons of pictures to show you, by the way.  i did birthdays, a baptism, a bridal shower.... maybe by fall you'll see them!  we have a loner laptop in the meantime, a fine machine that doesn't improve on Taco Bell's wifi's suckiness.  so sorry kids, you'll see these pics as time allows, but please believe me, my head isn't in the clouds. :)  and for the love of all things frosted, if you know of a place near Elgin that needs my mad skillz, EMAIL ME.  i'm going a little crazy being unemployed and cooped up.  meanwhile, have a spectacular summer, you crazy kids...

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