Friday, August 31, 2012

brain freeze!

back in spring (i finally got the pictures off the memory card!), Brenda once again ordered thank-you cookies for her kids’ teachers.  “something summery” has been her yearly request, and this year i did ice cream in wafer and waffle cones, double-stick popsicles, and my new favorite, mini sno-cones. bright sugar was the “sno,” edible markers made nice stripes on the paper cups. thanks again Brenda!
and now updates: if you’ve received my card, resume, or someone’s advice to hire me, i am volunteering to work gosh-forsaken hours in a hairnet for you. and i can make more than cookies, it’s just that pretty and/or pictures is so much fun.  full time is swell, part time is doable too.  {radiant honor-student go-getter smile}
second, in the closing of Trinity Lutheran School and the parting of it’s lingering craft supplies, teacher and hubby Jeff’s Aunt Dahlas has bestowed to me enough cookie cutters to keep me busy for about 11 years.  i don’t just have a cornucopia of cookie cutters, i have a cornucopia-shaped cookie cutter.  i have officially lost count of my collection. the zip lock bags i store them in don’t close, nor do the drawers holding the bags.  thank you, oh thank you, Aunt Dahlas.  :)
third, there will be many pictures.  i’ve had a busy summer and despite a lack of job, computer and 2nd car, i’m not yet beat… sometimes flopping petulantly on the floor in frustration, but i’ve managed to get lots of baking done. i haven’t, though, been able to get the pictures off the camera till now, but you’re in for some nice cookie viewing—as many as 9 posts on the way, including pirates!  Now you know you gotta come back…

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