Friday, May 18, 2012

zoobie zoobie zoooo.....

this is the last batch that i brought to the office, my farewell platter, on my last day.  i said the look i was going for was kinda mid to late 60's, to which Mike brought up Madmen (one of my favoritest) but i had to say hmm, and not quite find the explanation beyond something about sundresses, before someone asked me something else, not that i would have been able to remember what i was going to say as the mention of Madmen got that "Zou Bisou Bisou" song in my head again--  aaggh!!  Mike wasn't too far off though, as, if you follow the show, they're up to late 1966.  i sometimes have to watch an episode 2 or 3 times because i'm so distracted by the look of it.  Don Draper buys the Madison Ave. decor, but in 3 Madmen-years, it'll be the year my parents got married, and all that stuff was on sale by then, or at least imitated cheaply, so every striped pillow or barrel lamp shade reminds me of the eventual equivalent that i grew up with, though it was 15 years old by then.
what i would have said to the Madmen suggestion, had i thought of it then, was that he had the right era, but the wrong show.  in hindsight, i see now that i was imitating a mid-60's Pepe le Pue (Pew?) cartoon, from the Chuck-Jones-as-director category of cartoons.  he did Tom and Jerry too, with the same floppy scribbles, giving you the suggestion of a flower, or a filigreed archway, or a scrollish table leg. it was loose and casual, and the same sloppy-pretty kinds of patterns can be found in all my grandmother's scarves and dresses from about 1966 to 1972.  the colors however, were inspired by what i'm seeing in season now.  all i saw all winter was brown and grey coats.  we need some summer-of-love colors now. amiright?
and this will be my 100th entry, and will likely bring my 10,000th page view. (grins and chair dancing) thanks again for stopping by and liking my silly little cookies. more to come!

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