Tuesday, April 2, 2013

season opener

happy spring everyone!  i got a last minute email from Wendy asking if i could squeeze in some "thank you" softballs for her daughter's team.  i could, and i did, and i didn't take a picture, but they were yellow circles (i really didn't know softballs were yellow) with piped red stitches, and "Thank You" in blue and that’s really it, but the blue and red could have been darker. 
anyway, despite not being very exciting, they prompted another order for the same, but with the team name, "Diamonds," in cursive (and darker), and something blingy to dot the 'i'.  with more drying time, i was able to use the red edible marker to make nicer stitches, and after a trip to the store for royal blue, not sky blue, the letters were lovelier.  to dot the letter i, i rolled out and painted a small sheet of fondant, cut out squares and cut off 1 corner from each, and dusted them with white pearl dust, to make classic diamond shapes with a gem finish.  Wendy confirmed, they were a home run. :) Thanks again, and go Diamonds! stay tuned for some farewell squares, and a butterfly bridal shower, and I have a tulip idea that i’m liking.  meanwhile, here's hoping and hopping your Easter was awesome, a Happy Birthday and Have-a-bird Day to my little man Rowan, and a special hi-5 to a little Ryder who's got some baby shower cookies coming his way.

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