Thursday, April 4, 2013

a bunch of squares

perhaps i've mentioned i'm now employed, and that it involves complex coffee making skills.  i haven't? well now you know.  and like anywhere i go, i end up talking about cookies, so Natalie, whose last day was imminent, said, "figures, i put in my notice and we hire a baker." so i asked when her last day was, and she asked, "oh, are you gonna make me going away cookies?" and i said, "i'll make you cookies that just say 'go away.'" (ha ha ha ha...) but i made extra dough for an upcoming batch, and had extra icing from the previous order, so i whipped up some little toothpick-dragged designs on some almost-mini squares with white, lite blue, and dark blue, finished with blue edible marker.
normally i take the picture before i wrap them, but i wrapped them before work and the sun wasn't up yet.  getting up that early for coffee kinda takes care of itself i guess.  and with Natalie off to Michigan, i now open Thursdays, so you should stop by so i can totally impress you with my latte foam.  best wishes to Natalie, and a big howdy to my new teammates! (waving)
awesome butterflies are on the way... 

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