Sunday, January 20, 2013

who? JJ!

my recent post of little baby birds popping out of shells got my cousin-in-law Kati thinking about an upcoming baby shower for her friend's little boy JJ.  (Kati married into my dad's side of the family, so before i departed from my maiden name, there were 2 of us, minus an E.  i wonder how many old friends of mine looked for me and thought i moved to Milwaukee?)
her idea was little owls, since the mother to be has a thing for them, and in blue and brown, and with the name JJ in there somewhere.  what i came up with were owls in a half shell, in 2 kinds of blue and tan.  "JJ" became the little bow tied around each egg.  i got the baby-owl shape by actually using an Easter shape of a marshmallow bunny peep in a half shell, but i pressed the ears together to make the head, then pinched the corners to make their little horns--instant owls!  their little bewildered owly eyes were detailed with edible marker, and a dust of white pearl dust gave them some glamor.  a big welcome to you, little JJ!
and that brings me current again, so everyone start thinking about Valentine's Day.  :)

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