Saturday, January 12, 2013

cookies that defy gravity!

high school classmate (holy moly it was half my life ago that i graduated!) Dominique, inquired about cookies for her daughter's 6th birthday.  Jateme (say "Je t'aime" like "i love you" in French--how cool is that?) likes teal and gymnastics, and is soon to be the big sister to twins--twice the awesome!
we mulled over the idea of mini cookies, but settled on 1 each per favor bag of 2 medium cookies.  (although i suppose i could have combined all 4 circles into a regular-sized cookie, but anyway) i looked online for some leaping silhouettes, saved the pictures, resized them, and just taped a piece of paper to my monitor and traced them.  then i glued them to a clear plastic lid, flipped it over, and cut out teeny people and a star with an x-acto knife to make a stencil.  then i airbrushed them (yeah i washed the lid first, silly) onto the cookies, making sure the white was extra flat, but leaving the medals with waves and dips, a result of making royal icing in dry January air, to look like something malleable.  rings of dots and sugary ribbons unified them, and they were all paired up in favor bags with a silver bow. 
happy birthday Jateme, and congrats to your family for your new little brother and sister!  coming soon-- little baby owls....

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