Monday, February 13, 2012

the Christmas rush, part 2

i felt pretty-much-done with Christmas by cyber-Monday. my job involves an early commute, my son is still kind of oblivious to holidays, schedules and finances kept us from going anywhere... it was like a long loud November. but was i grinchy? nay. for i madeth cookies, and they were pretty... but i want to get to March by March, so this is a speed round post. ready?

this was a pile of funky snowflakes i made for Andrea and her family, for watching the kiddo until we got the ball rolling on day care.

these were the yearly Christmas choir cookies. those lines should have been thinner. but the sparkle cooperated.

long story, these new years stars almost had a destination, but i never got them out the door. Jeff took them to work instead. but i was attempting silver on white effects.
and Lois asked me if i could do something Christmasy with frogs as a get well gift. like my froggy princes, these were a composite of a frog and mini hat. i think this spring he'll need some Easter hats with flowers.
coming up, that class i taught. plus new years clocks, girly purses, COWmodities, a plaid experiment, some illicit botanicals, and ...explosions! and then, at last, Valentine's day. (whew!)

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