Wednesday, September 14, 2011

which will the witch wear?

i did some more airbrush tests (which i can't show you because that picture's file is broken but whatever, they were tests, right?) and was pleased with how they turned out, so i put on my witch hat (no, i'm kidding) and got to work on some Halloween ideas. more magic is forthcoming; for now, i present: witch dresses!
these were a blast. (airbrush joke) i think every cookier has this dress cutter (Sur la Table) but i added the partial oval at the top to accommodate a hanger--i thought it gave it a little more context, after all a dress either has a person in it, or you hang it up, right?
i used to be annoyed at the inclusion of purple in the Halloween pallete. i think when it was a new trend, it seemed to be taking over orange's place. but lately, and with it's new friend poison green, Halloween's color scheme is kind of spooky-carnival-esque. like once upon a time these colors were painted brightly on Halloween decorations and eventually aged to a macabre patina, inspiring Tim Burton to revive them on the big screen. inspiring me to find a piece of lace to drape over the skirt portion of the cookie and spray with black. and i think they put the "boo" in "booya."
i used sanding sugar on the collar and cuffs, pearl dust on the hanger (silver on black icing) and waistband (bronze on orange) and silver dragees for buttons. this would be equally awesome as ivory on white wedding dresses with pearl dust. or bright colors, different necklines, different stencils... [*daydreaming*]
coming really soon, some Halloween cookies take flight! plus a football/sci-fi twin birthday, "los muertos!", and maybe some wine?
p.s., thanks for all the facebook and twitter love after the camels were posted! i felt kind of famous this week :)


  1. I love the look of the airbrushed lace. I never would have thought to try that!

  2. Wowza! I can't stop staring at these. All of the little details, purty cool. What an amazing idea to use the lace as a stencil.

    I am excited to see your next batch!

  3. So creative with the airbrushed lace! Keep up the awesome work!