Monday, September 12, 2011

ships of the desert

Jeff's Aunt Dahlas orders cookies each year for the choir as a thank you for the Christmas performance. for her birthday, i wanted to do a cookie that evoked something Bible-like, without doing all of Noah's Ark, or more angels. so i picked camels, and dressed them up to look like they were the king's caravan--something Caesar or the Pharaoh or the Magi would ride on. i thought gold and aquamarine were good desert colors, with gold dragees, and little red and white disc-shaped sprinkles shaken with copper and gold pearl dust that looked like little metallic medallions. the finishing touch was the eyelashes, drawn well this time because i finally found thinner food-writing pens (yay!)

with different colors, these would be really pretty for Christmas. or with a variety of animals, they'd look like a carousel. i just might dip into other ancient texts for inspiration--this was a fun start. happy birthday Aunt Dahlas!

meanwhile, stay tuned for another birthday, and Halloween! except my computer is having trouble reading one picture i wanted to show you. you'll just have to believe me, my latest airbrush test was pretty cool...


  1. They are lovely! I am enjoying all of your cookie designs!

  2. Your cookies look amazing, but I would never be able to eat them! I would be too wrapped up in the beauty of it all!