Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wayne's planes

F-I-L Wayne has a birthday mid-April, but whether it's his day or not, if the weather is nice, Wayne can probably be found in the back yard, pushing a grandkid on the swing. while torpedoing through the air, the kids like to look up and squint and point out planes, and birds, and whatever zooms into view.
i have an airplane cookie cutter with a top/bottom perspective that really only lets me decorate the plane to look like the boring underside of the craft, skew it all funny for a side view, or use the outline to suggest an element of the design-- in this case, "looking up." so i made plane-shaped sections of sky with birds and branches and telephone poles and little airplanes, all in silhouette, like when you squint at a blue sky.
the silhouettes were painted on with black food coloring; the brush can only make so fine a line though--i'm considering switching to a food-writing pen. the clouds were layers of white and gray icing dots and white sugar. off in the corner there's a piped icing jet contrail, or as Andrew says, "look! a skywriter!"
happy birthday Grandpa Wayne!
coming soon, silver and sapphire, purses and shoes, music, baby chicks, lambs, moons and stars, maybe dinosaurs, definitely army men, contraband and pyrotechnics, 'my little phonies,' and a few cookies go over the rainbow. (whew!)


  1. Love what you did with the airplane!

  2. These are more impressive than the new "cupcake" fad!
    Go for it! If you were doing this for a business, I would not hesitate to order right now. Looking for cookies in the shape of the Navy F-18 . . . my son's birthday is in April and he's a Navy pilot. I would send him these in a heartbeat!!

    Beautiful work!

  3. how can we order these gorgeous creations?

  4. you can email me at and we can set something up :)