Thursday, June 23, 2011

on following

now that my kiddo is going to bed at a normal time, i might have more than 20 minute spurts to actually read up on what other bakers and sugar artists are doing. so far i either post to this blog, check the message boards on Cookiers R Us, blab about a few things on facebook, maybe tweet, then i hear something falling over upstairs and computer time is over.
but with a little more downtime, it's high time i got my blogs and peeps and tweets and lists and likes all together. so i'm on a follow-back-quest. problem is, not all of my followers have their own blog listed under their links. sometimes they follow themselves and it's under blogs they've joined. while i'm doing my best, please don't hesitate to comment with a link to what you're doing. and suggest a few more icing-related sites while you're there. :)
otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for dinosaurs, army men, ice cream, horses...


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  2. Love your awesome looking cookies! My blog is