Sunday, May 15, 2011

play... ball.

hubby's sister Heather's birthday was in February. i really did make cookies for her. she's a big Cubs fan, so i made hats and bats. i finished them at night, and left them on a cookie sheet on the counter, with a sheet of wax paper over, so the icing would dry and i could pack them in the morning. and at the crack of that dawn, my kiddo got up, climbed out of the crib, went downstairs, and helped himself to the hats. wait, it gets better.
later Heather gave one of the bats to her son, and i asked if i could grab a picture of the remaining bats and when my back was turned and the bag was open, that little monkey of a kid of mine grabbed another cookie. we didn't have a good afternoon.
eventually i found myself with the time and cookie dough, so Heather got a cookie do-over.
this is the first time i ever had a reason to do the baseball hat shape, and i think i'll try it a different way next time. (and i'll leave you hanging there for dramatic effect.)

the baseballs are only about the size of a dime. the stitching was done with red food coloring and a tiny paintbrush. the wood grain, however, was made by not fully mixing the brown into the icing. then you just pipe with the grain.

many thanks to Heather for not letting my kid go against her grain. happy birthday!

coming soon, cheery cherries, a study of the sky, and we'll see if a diamonds hold up to Atlanta heat.