Monday, April 11, 2011

90 years young!

Sharon, who ordered the tiny elephants last fall, wanted to commemorate her dad Henry's 90th birthday; her last honoree was just 1--my cookies are for kids of all ages.
i asked what visuals she was thinking, maybe fireworks or shooting stars, she said. i got to thinking about 1921, and the early 20's remind me of things like seersucker suits, and patriotic bunting, and real silver coins. i wanted something equally blue/metal/banner-waving, with Sharon's ideas of stars and federal-holiday-sparkle....

and i made these. one medium star and 2 mini stars were baked with a 9 and a 0 (one of my favorite tricks--the dough spreads as it bakes and glues itself to it's neighboring parts.) pearl dust was brushed on just-dried icing. i dropped them off at the hospital where Sharon is a nurse and when the ladies at the front desk overheard that i was there to drop off customized cookies, we had a little show-and-tell. one asked if i sell them, and i always have to do the 'yes, but... not licensed or anything... customers so far are just friends and family... just a crazy lady who bakes, etc.,' to which she replied, "who cares? these are beautiful!" so much of my feedback is encouraging with a tone of urgency. i'm looking into my job options; if my own store is out of reach, maybe i'll help another shop rise to stardom. (jazz hands!)

speaking of jobs, hats off to Sharon and her fellow nurses. :)

get it? hats off? (ahem.)

drop by again soon, birthdays are keeping me busy, Easter has me stumped....

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