Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let's Ogle at Valentine Edibles

this year's Valentine's Day post will feature 2 kinds of hearts i made for my mom. one reminds me of a little girl's t-shirt, the other looks like an old-fashioned pillow. both rock. you'll see next week.

right now i wanted to take a tour back through my 'portfolio' and reminisce on all the cookies i made to celebrate love and romance. (cue the piano nocturne.)

Judy's parents' 50th anniversary

Melisa and Corby...
...Mr. and Mrs. West

February (2010) installment of a "year of cookies" for auction winner Eldra

Steve and Bailey's engagement party

and my favorites...

my wedding, Katie + Jeff :)
now i'm off to make some tractors. this will be the 4th time i've made tractors! :)

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