Monday, January 31, 2011

i'm... too sexy for these cookies...

after i did snarky tombstone cookies for my brother's 40th, i decided that birthdays would afford me a nice monthly project. i think i have a family birthday every month till july. everyone will get some token cookie stylings to amuse them. (see fashionista purses for Kristi and trumpeteers for Dan last November.) and i get practice. January goes to s-i-l Libby, a lady bold enough to live with my brother (says the equally pain-in-butt little sister >grin<) who's cake mixer looks like it eats smaller appliances for breakfast, and who's cell phone is very sparkly. Libby deserved cookies that were no less than haute couture.

i only wish that the lines could be a little sharper, but otherwise i like 'em. when i found the die-cut scrapbook page, it reminded me of the bedspread in their master bedroom, black and white scrolly swirls. had to try it. Libby asked if she should eat them in bed. i said sure, if you don't mind the crumbs... Happy Birthday, lady! :)

then i thought, if i brushed that with silver pearl dust, it would look like a gunmetal/silver on shimmery white, so i got to scheming on what to make for Aunt Donna and the family [this Christmas was (see below--one car, 2-year-old) crazy and i thought we can send something dumb/rushed now or fantastic next month when i dig myself out], and Uncle Al and Aunt Lynne, who were on their way out when i finally arrived with poorly planned Trumpeteer Dan cookies for Dan's surprise party that were all unboxed with smooshed bow-ties (no pics, sorry). so i started to make teapots and wanted to do sage-green icing with a green leaf pattern, like "yay, here comes spring," only i overmixed the icing and it was spreading but not settling into a nice flush flat surface. then, since it wasn't working (again, no pics), i gave the ugly teapots to Jeff to share with the coworkers.

then i went to make more dough and discovered i had run out of vanilla. so i had to use lemon. then i thought, when life gives you lemon extract, make these:
i used a different stencil, sprayed yellow food coloring, and while it was still tacky, i brushed on gold pearl dust. then it looked like little lemon shaped pieces of yellow and gold brocade. i was smitten. so i went to edge them in icing and sanding sugar and this time the icing was a little runny (forehead-slap). but i seriously love how the light hits it.

ooooh... sparkly...

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  1. These are SO pretty! I just adore your designs!!