Monday, December 6, 2010

petite periwinkle pachyderms parade preposterously-proportioned petunias to party in PA

Sharon from church was planning a trip to her granddaughter's 1st birthday and asked if i could whip up 2 dozen. this was an "up to me" order, but i asked if she had any art to reference, colors to pick from, the usual questions to fine tune the dials on my thinking cap. Sharon replied that her nickname for Lucy is "Lemondrop," and that there are elephants in her room.

it usually comes to me as i'm sitting on my living room floor, surrounded by zip lock freezer bags full of cookie cutters. remember those spatial relationship sections of the standardized tests, where you have to look at 6 joined squares and determine if, when folded, it would make a cube? we were actually allowed to use paper and scissors, which i refused to use since that would only test cutting and folding, not whether our brain could think of a solid object when looking at a flat one. turns out i aced that section. and now i sit on my floor, holding pieces of plastic together, and figuring out how to make baby elephants holding giant flowers. (and while i'm great at spatial relationships, the guitar baffles me, and i stink at subtraction. brains, huh?)

i made the flowers lemon-yellow, so "lemon" and "elephant" were both present. the technique of only frosting part of the elephant, letting it dry, and doing the next, made a nice bas-relief effect on the ears, and trunk at the stem. large white sprinkles were dotted and eye-lashed with black food coloring. they were met with Sharon's approval, and good feedback on the grapevine prompted another to request 2 dozen for thanksgiving, coming soon. (thanks Sharon!!)

also on the way: turkeys, birthdays, bridesmaids and the bake sale. plus i finally give meringue powder a try (spoiler alert: i won.)

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  1. This is so clever and one of the cutest cookies I've seen. Just love the elephant's face! Thank you for sharing.