Thursday, December 16, 2010

black-friday, over the hill, triple birthday weekend

hubby's sister, and other sister's husband, and yours truly, all celebrate birthdays within 4 days at the end of november. somewhere in the haze of turkey and door-busters, we manage to gather at least for lunch. this year Dan turned 40, and Kristi's my age (i'll be vague: younger than Dan), so i whipped up a few purses for Kristi, and Dan got, well, Dan.

these were made with the tombstone and candy corn shapes from a Wilton halloween cookie cutter set. funky graphics were flood icing dots dragged with a toothpick. little snap clasps are dragees. these would be cute with matching shoes. maybe hats and dresses too?

Dan's Dan was made from a pretty-old (80's?) Wilton snowman. at least it said snowman on it; it seems more like Frosty, what with being a biped... anyway, i thought, if i can make a leprechaun with it, why not a different beard, and why not a trumpet in one hand? (yep, he plays, and he's a music teacher.) unfortunately, icing isn't the most flattering medium--Dan's nose isn't flat, for instance. but he is Vegas-sparkly. (chuckle) the treble clefs were black on toothpick-swirled blue and white, and the trumpet valves are tiny gold dragees.

Happy Birthday Dan and Kristi! coming soon, a bridesmaid surprise, a girl's night out, and lotsa Christmas.

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