Friday, June 18, 2010

better than jelly beans

Eldra's April installment of her year of cookies was delivered Easter Sunday. i'm super pleased with the fluffy sheep and colorful egg, but the camera just couldn't capture the shimmery ivory color of the cross. trust me, it was lovely. back to the sheep, it's the same technique i use for clouds. time consuming, but worth it--dontcha just want to pet them? stay tuned, her final installment was for May and just might be my favorite.


  1. Don't know why my first attempt didn't show up but I stated how much I loved the way you did the sheep cookie. I have a lamb cookie that come next Easter I hope to decorate as well as you did your sheep. They are sweet.

  2. Just found your blog. Spending lots of time looking at every page. So much to enjoy!

    Do/Did you share your method for making the sheeps fur/clouds? I love it.

  3. it's actually easy, just put white dots all over, coat with sugar, and repeat until the cookie is covered. and if the dots are in rows, that's how i made indian corn. :)

  4. Thanks Katie.

    Did you add the non-perils with a tweezers? They are just perfect. What a talent and what patience you have. Just beautiful.