Thursday, March 11, 2010

the refrigerator

i've encountered SO many cookie blogs since starting my own. all share the enthusiasm, many are selling, many others include the how-to. this little blog is a little different. i probably wont be including my how-to's here. not yet at least, i like having my secret techniques. while i do sell, i don't have a set-in-stone pricing system--$15 per dozen and a nearby address will get you the kind of work i mostly show here, but order size, design difficulty, etc are factors too. like i mentioned, i'm a freelancer. what i wanted this blog to be amounts to vanity. when you're little and you draw a picture, mom puts it on the fridge. age 30 years, and simple crayon drawings don't impress all that much. draw someone a picture of a chicken and you get a polite (and confused) smile, but bake and decorate a plate of cookies shaped like chickens, and people go bonkers. they clutch their hands under their chin, make little high pitched sounds, and take forever to eat them because "they're too pretty." well i say eat 'em, and i'll let you look at them here. ...'cause i can't hang them on the fridge. :)
and in the meantime, look forward to baby-girl dinos, more produce, trucks/cars/tractors, aliens, st patty's day...

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