Friday, March 26, 2010

little puzzles

here's what i love doing lately: using one cutter to remove a section from another cookie, fitting in a whole shape in the missing space, and baking them together. they stick, but their border remains distinct so you can pipe the shapes without guessing. above, you get "a is for apple." below i used a spider and gingerbread man to make an alien, a palm tree and squished metal christmas tree cutter to make a carrot, a short cross and a crown for a big "king of kings" cookie (the removed cross bottom was reattached under the crown for a longer effect) and my last name in multi colors.

also have another look at the slideshow--the rose and heart combo, the plate of fruit, the trick or treaters, cinderella's shoe with a clock, the pink "10s", the st patty pots of gold and shamrocks and the tractors were all made with more than one cookie cutter. someday i'll do a huge mural... :)


  1. Hi I love these cookies! Of course I love real butter and you can taste the Butter! Thanks

  2. Very cute! You are talented!