Thursday, October 17, 2013

furry friends

the Greater Chicago Ferret Association held its 25th annual "Greatest Ferret Show on Earth" last week, and i was asked by hubby's cousin, ferret enthusiast, and all-around animal-lover Jessica to provide some cookies for the event.  as i don't have a ferret cookie cutter (about 800 and no ferret!) i took one of my (Disney) Pocahontas cutters and lopped off the top of her head just over the ear, then added the little rectangle and like magic, it provided the outline of one of our furry honorees peering over a little sign noting the anniversary.  a good start, and Karin who took delivery of them said they were lovely, but i had a variety of icing problems with this batch.  i'll let it be, and go with her good opinion... :) 
i was talking about this order at work and the response was "ferret cookies?"  yup.  you just never know who's going to throw a party.  so don't be shy about needing something odd.  being odd myself, i'll always be up for it.
coming soon, an as-yet-undecided batch for the restaurant.  ghosts?  pumpkins?  hmm....

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