Saturday, September 14, 2013


the title of this post refers to John Lennon’s assertion that all we’d have to do is declare peace on all the front pages and billboards of the world, and we would collectively experience a paradigm shift—that by believing it were possible, it wouldn’t be too far behind to simply make it so.  food for thought.
the next biggest paradigm shift i can think of is becoming a parent.  you think you know people, try making one!  it’s a daily reality check, and Jon and Cassie are joining the club.  Cassie’s cousin Lisa commissioned me to create baby shower cookies based on John Lennon’s baby animal drawings.  it was the much-loved motif at her own shower, and they wanted to revive that same charm.
while i couldn’t copy Lennon’s nuanced doodles, and though i was constrained by the shape of my cutters and the late summer humidity, they still turned out to be cute little animals, sketched on bright pastels with an edible marker.  many thanks to Lisa, and many more congrats to the parents-to-be! 

and i got a Star-Wars something coming up—yay!

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