Wednesday, May 29, 2013

a short ride...

Mr. Rakow went for a bike ride, and someone else went for a car ride, and after their unfortunate encounter, Mr. Rakow had a broken leg.  m-i-l Bobbi felt he needed a pick-me-up and suggested crutch-shaped cookies, but rigging an X shape into crutches didn't seem as fun as using the bike shape to make a bike.  the flag was from the top of a musical note.  this was soooo intimidating until i googled some bikes and realized drawing a bike is like 6 lines and 3 circles.  it took me longer to select the slate-green and terra-cotta color scheme than it did to pipe them.  i would have liked the icing to be a little less thick, which occurred despite a week of storms and humidity, but the flowers made up for it.  they were too cute. 
a big get-well-soon to the patient, happy start of summer to all, and stay tuned for snuggley-bears, a ninja arsenal, something for a book club, and a huge baby shower...

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  1. Great story and beautiful cookies! I hope Mr. Rakow is back to biking sooner rather than later!