Friday, December 7, 2012

Thriller... Thriller night...

so happy belated halloween! now that i have a new laptop, and it's actually from this decade, i can now pop in the camera's memory card and upload to the picture folder instantly.  but then i still have to get my butt to Starbucks to get to the internet, so please continue to bear with me.
these lovely minis were for an 80's themed Halloween party--lace, stars and plaid, all via the airbrush. Jeff and i went as Peg Bundy and The Greatest American Hero.   i had many plans for other H'ween cookies, but either you can have cookies, or i can have a functioning household, but not always the 2 together.  don't worry, i did some house keeping and i'm ready for Christmas.  and i'm still ready to do this in someone else's kitchen, so if you know a bakery...  anyway, i had started to make ninja clowns, but the many steps took time and my icing went flat, so they sat there half finished and Jeff ate the good ones.  i said, "can't you tell the difference between an ugly unfinished cookie and a nice picture-worthy finished one?"  he can't.  and i'd scan the sketches i drew, but then we're back to the "computer issues" conversation.  so back to cookies.  coming soon: some baby birdies, pairs of pears, something for Nessa 'cause she rocks and helps Jeff do stuff with his stock options, and a ninja clown revival for Ryan for helping me figure out that IE was my Facebook problem.  that's right kids, i pay back favors with cookie awesomeness.  now who wants to hang some lattice or tune my car?  bbl, and have a great weekend :)

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