Friday, January 6, 2012

temporary tattoos

Happy New Year! i'm way behind with posting, so let's get started...
the hubby works with Vanessa who was kind enough to watch the kiddo for a few hours one day. i said i'd pay her in cookies if she wanted, because she was usually the first to raid the bag of mistake/sub-par/experimental cookies that i sometimes send to work with Jeff to share. she agreed.
i made 2 designs: tattoos, and ----s. i didnt take pictures of the ----s because i didnt think it would be too cool to post ----s, seeing as kids probably like this blog--mine does anyway. but i'll describe them for ya! they were about 4 inches, skinny, bended every which way, had subtle 'circulatory' attributes (some big words to trip up the kids), chocolate jimmies for hair, or brown sanding sugar for stubble. i also made them in Caucasian and [let's-call-it-] Latino hues.
with the remaining "flesh tones," and yellow, blue and pink, i did a series of wet-on-wet designs that, when dry, i outlined with a food writing marker to mimic tattoos. little simple tattoo cliches, but mostly i wanted to practice with the marker, and make some mental notes about icing drying times. (the picture was taken inside, so forgive the greenish-orange.) and i cant make one cookie without thinking of 20 more, so i'll probably be using this technique all year...
i dont think i got a report back about the tattoos as Vanessa was so floored by the awesomeness of a dozen little ----s. i think Jeff even said she was eagerly showing customers. Jeff later joked with her that she went straight home and put them all in her mouth at once. i had him ask her which end she started with.
we're terrible!
after all the "coming up" listed in the previous post, there will also be silver stars, purses, and NYE clocks. i'm a busy gal. stay tuned....

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