Thursday, October 6, 2011


who? yeah, it's an owl. everyone is doing owls, i'll do an owl. the twig is fondant. back to me.
on this machine that Steve Jobs invented, i too learned of his passing. on the ol' tube, i listened to Anderson Cooper talk to Steve Wozniak, and i learned that Jobs had the crazy ideas and hand-shaking skills, Woz was the builder. Jobs would say, "we need a way to carry around 17 days worth of music in a back pocket, can you program that?"
i've been blogging about looking for a job, but i think i might do well with a Jobs too. i know how to make the cookies, to bake them, ice them, render a skillful image; i'm missing that entity that can make my thing happen to everyone. someone to hammer out that railroad 'cause katie's driving our cookie train. Wozniak was described as the guy who would have built it all for fun. i know i'd bake for fun. [i'm sure my dad would grin a bit at the idea of a cookie operation that he owns and manages, while i'm the artist/laborer. i say "fine, you do the paperwork, stay out of the kitchen." :)]
but i could use someone to sell the idea to the world that cookies are it, cakes are so last millennium, and you want cookie art like s/he and i are gonna bring you. and the irony--thanks to the 2 inspirational Steves, i could click a few buttons on this computer thingy and show you thousands of talented cookie artists. may we all be so fortunate to know people that make it happen. someone who believes magic can and should be baked, and who can tell everyone how great it is to hold pictures in your hand.
"who" indeed.
(thanks Steve.)


  1. I've been a fan of your cookie art for a little while now. You should be and will be doing this for a living. Keep pluggin'!